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You wonder at my silence.
I've been so loud for so long.
The stillness fell like a thunderclap,
In reverse.
I have wanted so long to be loved,
And accepted.
I come with the clanging of defenses,
And the clattering of explanations,
For everything I am.
You simply disarmed me.
Sweeping aside all my entrapments,
With the completeness of your acceptance.
You wonder at my silence,
But the lion too, falls wondrously silent,
Once the thorn has been removed.
No man is an island.
At least not for long.

Small snippets of land
Sink beneath the surface
And the currents
Of time.

I am an isthmus
And it's starting to rain.
In the long stretch of velvet blackness
That was the countryside
Handfuls of homes glittered
Like small, bright stars.
The train pulled on through the night
As ribbons of black trees
Curled backward behind me.
My fellow passengers like those in their homes,
Anonymous, asleep,
Unknown, unknowable.
A twist in the tracks
Ran us right up along
Another train
Softly speeding through the night.
In the car keeping pace with my own
Was the lone figure of a man
Gazing dreamily out of the window.
I can’t be sure of what I saw,
At night everything looks so black and white,
But I thought his eyes found my own,
And I could swear he smiled.
Our trains pulled apart, and drifted away,
But it was lovely to know someone else
Is awake
Looking out a window
For someone like me.
Your eyes look like a tree.
Not some adorable child's drawing
With the brown of a squared rectangle
And a bright plastic pom-pom of green.
Not the singular, deep money jade
Of the straight,
Collected rows of a country club.
A tree alone in the forest.
Leaves faded green and gold;
Speckled through with browns
And shadowed deep.
A blanket spread of leaves
Against a soft morning sky.
The pale gold light falling down
Full of wonder, enchantment, and promise
For the day ahead to be filled with magic.
I have been flayed
Spread open under hot sun
Vivisected, my pieces and parts
Twitching and bleeding
For the amusement of others.

I have been cut down
Sliced at until the shadow of myself
Lies in tattered ribbons
So another could feel tall.

I have been bludgeoned with insults
Thick, heavy and destructive
Coming slow and certain off the tongues
Of "good people" "just trying to help"

I wish I was more vivid
That these things did not wash me pale.
But I bleed out so silently
My color draining away
Like spilled ink.


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